Off to the races

The semester has begun again. It’s exciting and will be very entertaining. Already, the state has been bombarded with snow to cancel classes and the snow might continue through the weekend. I would rather be in class than stuck at home but shoveling snow is a good workout.

I’m going to do a major update of my site this weekend, as long as I get back my edited pictures in time. I’ve been working hard on a lot of things and it’s a little bit of a pain to do updating. That’s why I wait to do a bunch of it at once, so it’s not so annoying.

One of the pictures that will be going up is a painting I just finished for my parents, as a gift to some of their friends. I will post a blog about it and others, hopefully either Saturday or Sunday.

I don’t want to just leave you with new info and nothing visual. This is one of the pictures I took yesterday when I went walking out during the aforementioned snow storm.

Song: ATHFCMFT – I Like Your Booty (but I’m not gay). I like the song and so does one of my dear friends! 😀

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