Waking up early is sometimes worth it

After another fun weekend, I was seriously lacking sleep. Saturday night turned into Sunday morning and I was called to the rescue. Afterward I still did what I planned on doing, and I struggled to get up Monday morning. I’m not a morning person…at all. Yes I had to do it for years in the military but that was at least a routine. Also, there was no day/night shift (except during exercises).

However, the reason why I got up so early on Monday was because I was having new pictures taken of two paintings (the ones for prints I had mentioned previously) and the rough edits are looking awesome so far. I am excited to finally be able to make prints for some of my work (I doubt the originals will sell for years to come, if ever). I’m not trying to be a downer, just being a realist. I would love to be going to school to get my art degree and make a pure living off it but that’s not in the cards.

I will be sure to post some copies of the pictures as soon as they’re edited and ready to go, hopefully by next week. I still have to figure a thing or two out before that will happen. This gives me some time…time to catch up on some z’s.

Since it’s Friday (already, man time is flying), I know some of you jive birds are going to do your thang at all the groove clubs. Well here are some tunes to get your hips movin’. Damn I’m so white…


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