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I hope you didn’t miss me too much

I did miss my “bloggy friends” as one bloggy friend says. I’ve had one hectic summer schedule going and it’s still crazy as can be (not to be confused with a heretic summer). I’ve just had to shove stuff off to the side to get this done, along with updating my website. I’ve finished the massive over-haul of my whole site. I edited every page except the contact page, which I should have made one little change to as well. I will be updating the site again in a few days because I have a more edits to do. I will have two more paintings to put up then and I have come out with a t-shirt line, which I will have pics of as well.


As far as what’s new now, I Must Be On Candid Camera, Jackson Pollock FTW and Going Green are on Page 5. Forget The Future and What Are You Thinking About? Are on Page 6. Page 6 only has two image slots filled atm, but when I do the update it will be a little more crowded, to include some paintings moving around! (cue epic suspense music!)

And if anyone is pondering about the t-shirts I just mentioned, I will have more info to come with that sometime next week (hopefully). I’m in hangin’ with my family heaven right now and it will be getting even better, but I will try to dash out a quick blurb with the details.

I hope everyone else’ summer has been as glorious as mine has. Let me know what’s going on, with links, pics or other juicy gossip bits.

Song:  Since the summer is about silliness, watch this even if you don’t like dubstep.

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Capturing the Bright Lights

I hope people had a fun 4th (& 5th) of July. I really dug the 4th being on a Sunday so you got two days of fun and fireworks. This pic is of my friends little sister. She willingly stood there for the shot, so I was happy. I enjoy this amateur photographer business.

While I was looking through the pictures of what I captured that day and night, I reflected that I haven’t painted anything with that same level of magical feeling from fireworks. I wouldn’t want to do fireworks, but I do want to paint something that is on the same level. I’m not really sure what is though.

If anyone has any ideas on something that has the same essence of fireworks that could be a good potential object to base a painting off of let me know. If anyone else has any cool 4th shots, send me links.

Before I go, I need to thank someone for sending me some pictures of a future art project I am working on. Beyond Bluestockings has been very gracious to me with not only pictures but wise words of helpful wisdom in my blogging adventures. So if you would please take a gander at her blog, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Song: Since we’re talking about stuff that usually goes off in the sky, this song fits.

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The summertime is generally the craziest time of the year. Everything is bombarding you at once and you don’t always have time for the canvas in your art space calling your name. I’m coming up on mine time bomb, toward the middle of July. I won’t be doing anything (artistically) from then until the beginning of august, yet I don’t have all the items I need to work on some of the other things.

I have mentioned a wood piece I am going to be doing. One of the main things I need is an accurate picture or two. I have searched for them but with no luck. I am currently asking people on a forum I frequent (don’t bother asking what one). I would ask on here as well, but I don’t have a big enough fan base to get anything, but if any girls would love to volunteer, let me know (not asking for nudes).

One other thing I will hopefully be getting to shortly is updating my site. I have a set I need to put up there, but haven’t been able to photograph the paintings yet. With my current set up it takes a couple hours to do the entire process and I haven’t had the time or correct weather to do it. I am going to try to get it done within a week. I have let it slip too long (I have nobody to blame but myself).

On a positive note, I’m finally able to send the pictures that will be used as prints to have them edited. Long boring story that doesn’t need explaining, trust me! I hope lots of people had a good 4th.

Song: I’ve really been digging this song lately. The middle of it is really chill. Ours to Alibi – Weary, We Fell Upon Land

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