General Voicing #1

“I don’t understand why you can’t see the Rabbit in the Tree with the Chainsaw!”

As most know (or don’t) I mainly dabble in the abstract field of art in my creations. Sometimes I add a bit of surreal atmosphere in with the oddities of shapes, color and textures. This is generally not the case. Usually, you’re starring at a canvas with colors and from that point; you’re on your own. I hear countless arguments (why would I count them?) of “You don’t see that?” or “Well this is what I see…” a continual form of debate that is sometimes suggestive, yet sometimes a coercive action. Though cohesion can generally be met with a liking/disliking of said painting.

Speaking of which, I do find it funny how most people won’t tell me what paintings they don’t like. I know there are ones that attract the eye, move on to the brain and then connect with the soul. Others get the cursed view and tossed out like bad meal. However, with those true and honest feelings, I as the artist (small time for now) do not hear of such tales. I would love to hear any negative criticism with a side of constructive criticism thrown in there. I will not be offended if someone gives me a non-jaded opinion on my work. Although, I will attach a clause to that. Don’t tell me “Oh this paintings blows. You should never paint again.” That’s just rude. A simple “I don’t care for this; it just doesn’t have what I personally like.” works fine. I don’t expect everyone to enjoy everything I have done, I don’t even. When it gets to that point, I re-use the canvas for something better.

Also, I would love any suggestions for a possible painting. Not an entire painting from start to finish, but rather a concept/idea that I can build off of. “Professor Sandiford: Now, everyone don’t be so hard on Jerome. He is attempting to achieve the impossible. He is trying to sing in his own voice using someone else’s vocal cords.” That line come to mind when I think of someone telling what “You know what would be cool…” (yes I do watch a lot of movies, ask anyone). I want a concept or an idea because that way I will use it as a part of my creative process. The blanks get filled in when I use my raw emotions and creativity to make the rest of the painting come to a completion. I think of what I will do step by step and make my adjustments from there.

I don’t get writers block, I occasionally get painters block…


Is that for me or him or nobody? – Personal VS Commission Art

For some artist, they don’t care as long as they continue to make a living in the end. For others, it’s a small to moderate to large want/need in their own personal quest in what the next creation will be.

In Personal Art, the artist is in 100% control of the painting, or whatever other type of medium is being used, from start to finish. There is no timeline and there is no demand on what the creation will be. The only thing that could arise from that is if the artist has a show and needs a certain amount of pieces to go into the show, or needs to finish a set for part of a gallery. Having that type of freedom is sometimes needed. Spending a year or more on one specific painting, for whatever reason, can really increase the amount of care you take on something to make sure it comes out to your own perfection. That feeling of “It’s not quite ready yet.” can stand out in your mind and make you think more deeply into the mind of the paint you have sprawled on the canvas, or the twist of metal, or maybe even the giant hunk of wood waiting for the last knicks to be taken. The main draw-back to this, is/can be money. If you are a make-my-entire-living-off-my-art artist (I’m jealous…for now) than this is a big factor for you. Being able to make a living off art in today’s world is a huge challenge.

In Commission Art, the freedom factor is not as great however you have other rewards to look forward to. Right off the bat, you have a guaranteed sale (as long as the customer gets what they asked for). Money in the pocket means you get to buy more supplies to further your creations or a nice loaf of Wonder Bread and packet of Ramen, needed for the daily nutrients. Time can also be a factor. Generally it’s an agreed upon time-frame. Sometimes much longer than needed, sometimes right on the dot with the final brush stroke. Also some of your creativity can be lessened. If someone has something in mind and they’re very adamant about the specifics, your creative freedoms can be diminished and that doesn’t always end well.

For myself, I would like to have a 50/50 but that’s not the case for the time being. I enjoy having my creative freedom for most of my paintings. Though the commission work sometimes help give me a break in-between all of the different works I create. I do still enjoy the commission work I get. I find being asked by someone to do something for them, like a mini-Christmas. I do know it’s a little bit more stressful since I am making a painting for someone’s specific wishes. I’m always happy they picked me though.

My Intro

Well as always when you first meet someone, you should get a quick intro about them. My name is Eric, and I hail from Rhode Island. Smallest state in the US, but still has more people in it the seven bigger ones (including the biggest). Speaking of the biggest state I lived there for three years. I was enlisted in the US Air Force for just over four years, and for three of those four I was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage Alaska. I moved back to Rhode Island about a year ago to go to college. I’m currently in my second semester.

So, now that you know a little bit about me, you should know that I am creating this blog mainly for the purposes of my art. I got into doing art for myself when I was 18. What started out as nothing more than little odd paintings, turned into something I had no idea that I could do. As time progressed, I got better and learned how to continually improve and push myself further.

As being my intro thread, I am including a few older writings that I had done previously to put into this blog. The timing just didn’t work they way I wanted but everything is in order now (mostly). I have a list of a bunch of topics I want to discuss and write about. I plan on writing 1 – 2 blogs per week. Hopefully I will be able to sustain this goal. If anyone has any ideas for topics I should write about, pertaining to art or my work, please let me know. Also, any feedback is always welcome.

Not Every Idea Comes to Life on the Canvas

EDIT: I wrote this early June 09. First painting, I was referring to is “still on the shelf.” Second painting, has a new beginning but I haven’t done too much with it. Third painting, I turned into this. I mainly wanted to still publish this just for a mental note that we all go through blocks/slumps. Just need to work through it, and continue to create.

So, I am apparently in a bad funk. Or someone cast some voodoo spells on me to make me not be able to convey whatever ideas I have to canvas in a good way.

1st piece: I did a ton of groundwork for it. What I wanted to do was to have all these riffs and breaks, put down a ton of different color dots and some drips. Then I wanted to cover it in a deep purple and have just hints of what was down seep through. After that spray with white dots, no drips. Then paint a big Acorn in the middle it. It was going to just be a fun painting I wanted to do but the coating of purple was a complete failure. I have just put it aside until I come up with something new.

2nd Piece: I had an idea to do a realism/scenery of something from out west. Right off the bat it went down hill. The background was not what I wanted I knew it would go where I wanted it to. I have also set it to the side.

3rd Piece: I painted it with the white coating I wanted. I did my first bit of outline work and it’s a no-go. I need this to be very small, accurate and clean. Between the pencil on canvas and the small brush I bought for this painting, this won’t work. I either need a much larger canvas, better skills or to just make a larger version of it with pen on paper like I had originally done.

Oh cruel art, how you torment my abilities and twist my vision. I guess it was supposed to happen sooner or later. A string of great paintings and then I end up with a 3 bad starts within a month. Maybe I’ll just clear my head and re-attack one of them once I have a new idea floating around.