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Taking A Step Back

Title says it all. I am chillin’ out on my art for the next month roughly. I have been and need to continue to focus on school. I only have a little bit left anyway, roughly be done around the 15th of May. I have been doing things here and there but I have been in study mode getting (mostly) good grades to improve my gpa. There are a few other school related things and IRL that have taken up time. I haven’t stopped completely, just haven’t been up in my art sanctum doing too much. I promise when I do finish anything else, I will post pics.

I did have lots of fun at the Bruins game yesterday. Let the Playoffs begin!

I guess I must post a song that fits a brief time of leaving. Rosetta – Monument


Story of a Painting – Three Textures and A Million Thoughts

One of the things I find in being a modern artist, is I tend to use everyday objects in my paintings (not naked ladies and children like during The Renaissance). I figure I pick this one as my second painting to talk about due to the fact that it’s one painting that (almost) gets the most comments. I’ve had two close sales with this one, if it wasn’t for bad timing it would have been sold (stupid timing), but I digress.

One of the main reasons why I call this a personal achievement for myself is that I was able to take my approaches to this, and it worked perfectly. Sometimes I attempt something and it doesn’t work or I have to go back after and re-touch it up. This one, I didn’t need to do a thing.

The reason why it’s titled this is because I used three different items/objects to get the feel of the paint. One was a mixture of ingredients (SECRET INGREDIENTS!), which is showcased on the upper left. The second was a long comb, which is on the right. I had to keep a steady hand, like a surgeon! Third tool of choice was another item in my arsenal (if you guess what it is, I’ll tell you)!

Then there were the choices of colors, and I wanted to grab ones that wouldn’t always go together but make them fit. I used about a dozen, but I kept them in various orders so they didn’t seem awkward. I knew I was taking a risk with the Aqua Green I used in the mesh on the bottom, but it works.

I painted the sides of this a Bright Copper. It gives off a nice bright feeling when you look at it from an angle. It was a color I used more as an effect, than something I would choose to either compliment or contrast.

All in all, I am very happy with this one, and I hope you enjoy it too. Be proud of your work!

Song: I try not to limit myself and have lots of varying pieces I create. Though sometime being repetitive in your work isn’t a bad thing. Philip Glass: Metamorphosis Part 1

Inspiration – My Own Brain

I am working on an “eventual” piece. Something that is a similar style of a painting I recently finished (the first one I doubt I would sell, but I might show later on). While I was finishing up, I had some spillage and I started to mix the spill into other paint that was previously there. It gave me an idea to possibly use this new element into something for the future.

I think we all have to feed off ourselves. We generate our own ideas from what we see or think of from our environments. If we only draw in from a limited amount of sources, we might not be able to get out as much energy as we want. I take whatever I get; sometimes I’m the one contributing…

When it gets down to these finite thoughts that you’re releasing on canvas, always rely on your inner artistic instincts. If you don’t, you may become frustrated (don’t forget about help from a fellow artist). We (generally) all like to help each other, but sometimes we need to go solo (not a reference to plastic cups for beer pong).

One painting that comes to my mind is about figuring out how to get from A to B. Even though you may not know how to get there, you eventually figure it out and happiness is on the other side.

Song: Self-Reflection comes to mind when I think about my personal work. Here is a song that helps me think about things. ISIS – Altered Course

My Intro

Well as always when you first meet someone, you should get a quick intro about them. My name is Eric, and I hail from Rhode Island. Smallest state in the US, but still has more people in it the seven bigger ones (including the biggest). Speaking of the biggest state I lived there for three years. I was enlisted in the US Air Force for just over four years, and for three of those four I was stationed at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage Alaska. I moved back to Rhode Island about a year ago to go to college. I’m currently in my second semester.

So, now that you know a little bit about me, you should know that I am creating this blog mainly for the purposes of my art. I got into doing art for myself when I was 18. What started out as nothing more than little odd paintings, turned into something I had no idea that I could do. As time progressed, I got better and learned how to continually improve and push myself further.

As being my intro thread, I am including a few older writings that I had done previously to put into this blog. The timing just didn’t work they way I wanted but everything is in order now (mostly). I have a list of a bunch of topics I want to discuss and write about. I plan on writing 1 – 2 blogs per week. Hopefully I will be able to sustain this goal. If anyone has any ideas for topics I should write about, pertaining to art or my work, please let me know. Also, any feedback is always welcome.