I’ve Created T-Shirts

And they’re for sale…but not quite yet. I make them myself one by one. PFFFFFFFFFFFT…Who needs mass production? I will be able to start making them available to order by next week (hopefully). Though if you have plans to buy one, let me know, because I do need to buy shirts of all different sizes. I might have to do some weird stuff in order to get exactly what I need but it’ll be worth it.

The shirt in the picture above is called Universe. I have two others, Nature and Empire, all three are located on the first page.


They are $15 for each from Small to X-Large. If I go bigger than a X-Large it will cost more because the shirts cost more at that size. I didn’t make the pricing for the original shirts, blame those people for being size racists! …please don’t call them size racists. They’re just selling the merchandise based off material used. I don’t care if you’re big or skinny, tall or small, but if you look like a hipster I might take issue!

Even if you don’t want to purchase a shirt, I’m all ears for comments and opinions, since it’s something I’ve never done before.

Song: Low – Words. Slow chill tune for a Sunday evening.

My website (not another link to my blog)




  1. I would like one, but do not make me a priority because I am not.

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