I hope you didn’t miss me too much

I did miss my “bloggy friends” as one bloggy friend says. I’ve had one hectic summer schedule going and it’s still crazy as can be (not to be confused with a heretic summer). I’ve just had to shove stuff off to the side to get this done, along with updating my website. I’ve finished the massive over-haul of my whole site. I edited every page except the contact page, which I should have made one little change to as well. I will be updating the site again in a few days because I have a more edits to do. I will have two more paintings to put up then and I have come out with a t-shirt line, which I will have pics of as well.


As far as what’s new now, I Must Be On Candid Camera, Jackson Pollock FTW and Going Green are on Page 5. Forget The Future and What Are You Thinking About? Are on Page 6. Page 6 only has two image slots filled atm, but when I do the update it will be a little more crowded, to include some paintings moving around! (cue epic suspense music!)

And if anyone is pondering about the t-shirts I just mentioned, I will have more info to come with that sometime next week (hopefully). I’m in hangin’ with my family heaven right now and it will be getting even better, but I will try to dash out a quick blurb with the details.

I hope everyone else’ summer has been as glorious as mine has. Let me know what’s going on, with links, pics or other juicy gossip bits.

Song:  Since the summer is about silliness, watch this even if you don’t like dubstep.

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