Art Class Hiccup

Le sigh…I just wanted to write about my class and post all of the paintings that I did for the class in a couple posts, but I need to hold off. I will explain why later, but I can’t right now. It’s rather aggravating since I haven’t had time to post any of this stuff due to school being so hectic, but now that I am free, I can’t due to an almost unforeseen problem.

Don’t fret too much. I will be sure to post all of them as soon as I can. I don’t want to make my intellectual readers be deprived from my work and words any further. I do have some good info to leave for you to salivate on. I will be adjusting the prices of my current pieces, along with putting up 5 or 6 of the paintings I did for the class for sale.

Here is a picture of the three pieces I had in the student show:

Yes the lighting on my work is crap, but it’s not like I have the power to get them to change the lights. My whole painting class looked a little dim (with regards to illumination), compared to most of the other student work. I will put up good individual pictures when I make my future post.

The artist right below my work, on the left-side is Jonathan Montalbano. He’s a talented guy that has been altering images on his computer in a binary fashion to paint them in a traditional manner. If you have any wonders or queries about his work, here is his contact info:

Song: Hammock – Breathturn. I needed to play this song, so I wouldn’t wind all the way up and pop my head right off. Melt away to this relaxing tune.

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