Painting Class Project: #5

Time has been stripped from me this past weekend. I acquired my yearly illness, and began noticing symptoms Thursday. I didn’t accomplish much this weekend. I wanted to be much further along with my Time Painting than I am. I was miserable in class working on it as well. Sometimes I can be a jerk, I won’t lie.

But I digress…the Time piece should be finished for the mid-term critique next Monday. So that would mean I’ll have a picture up in time for next week’s post. AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!! Not really, but I can imagine it if I want to.

Now onto info about the real painting #5, I have a few ideas and I will be narrowing it down to be able to start working on it roughly Wednesday. I have a great deal of planning I have to do, and I need to do a little bit of studying. If anyone is expecting a normal portrait painting, you must have clicked on the wrong blog. (insert lolz)

One last tidbit about the blogging news I briefly mentioned last week. I still have a lot of work to do on it, and I may have jumped the gun just a tad. I will be able to deliver something around late March. I’m probably going to do most of the work during my spring break. (insert manboobz nudity!) One bit of give-a-way info, this is for the Adult Crowd. (insert regular nudity)

Song: Donna De Lory – Samba Sadashiva. I needed to listen to something calm to help clear my brain.


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