Painting Class Project: #1

So I recently completed my first painting project for class. It was supposed to be a grid painting with a few other various elements and rules applied to it. I honestly hate the way it turned out. The thought of “If you try and fail, don’t try again unless you have what you need to succeed” was re-enforced. I didn’t have the correct materials to get what I wanted done and so I did what I could with what I had.

The only reason why I’m leaving it for the time being is I don’t want to paint over it since I don’t have a new idea. Also, the class enjoyed it and my teacher liked it. So I figure why touch it if I don’t need to (for the time being anyway). I might be selling or re-painting all of the student work I will be doing during the course. Depends on what I produce, so stay vigilante and informed!


With the reminder that this is student work, let me know what you think.

Song:  Daniel Johnston – True love will find you in the end. I’m posting this one for a dear friend. Keep your head and heart held high.

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  1. Eric, I would that I could bring something encouraging to you in they was of a constructive comment, but it would be like asking a vegetarian if your roast beef dinner was cooked to their taste. 😛

    (I’m not adventurous in my art, and my preference leans strongly toward realism/naturalism – which is no help to you :/ )

  2. Ohhh, typing with a little person playing doll’s house with me at the same time. What I meant to say, was ‘encouraging to you in the way of …’

    A narrow view of art, and bad typos!!

  3. BB,

    It’s alright. I generally get mad at myself for typos as well. And don’t worry about a comment. It was just an option left and not something obligatory. I would never force my audience to critique my work. Besides, this is something that won’t exist once I’m done with the class. I finished my painting for the next project and I don’t really care for it either, but there is a stipulation to this one. (DRAMATIC MUSIC!) I’ll post about it either tomorrow or Tuesday.

    – Eric

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