I’m now on Page 5, but still not the Page 3 girl

That makes me really happy that I can have over 5 pages of paintings that I’ve been happy with enough to sell, or ones that have sold. The page count would be higher but unfortunately I don’t have some images of some previous work that I’ve sold or done for commissions. I’m at least taking a step in the right direction and getting images of all the work that leaves my hands (or doesn’t).

If you only have a limited amount of time to check out my stuff (who has free time these days?), please look at Binary Glow and Excess 2. Binary Glow is a commission piece I just finished and Excess 2 is a painting that I worked on for over a year. It’s weird to think about two paintings that I’ve done that took over a year each to accomplish.


For those playing the game, you might notice a painting on there that I had up previously. I took it down and worked on it more because it felt incomplete. I think it has a much more realistic approach of what I really wanted it to look like.

I finally put Wax + Glue up (pictured above). This is something I went over back and forth in my head if I want to sell. I’ve loved it since I did it and wanted to be an art hog (like what I’m doing with Max Payne’s Dream). I don’t have a price because I just couldn’t put one.

Comments or helpful critiques are always welcome. Happy Painting! (I have my Bob Ross shirt on atm, what do you expect out of me?!) Before I end this, I hope a few people get the joke in that title.

Song:  Arvo Part – “Spiegel im Spiegel’

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