Absentee Peer

I guess I’m just writing this because I feel as if I have been slacking dearly with my frequent readers. I have been running around during this winter break so much and I have neglected to comment on a few bloggers for the past little bit. I and probably going to go full force to make up for it over the remaining few days I have left into next week. The semester starts on Monday, but during that time, I won’t be crammed with a lot of work to accomplish so I’m not in any need to get things done to some incredible fast drastic speed.

I do want to at least let everyone know that during this time I have not wasted it blindly but I’ve accomplished much. I have a lot in the works and I will be sharing more and more as time progresses. I’ll be posting my latest painting in a day or two. I’m excited about the new semester starting tomorrow!

Song: Crossroads Duel. I figure I can make up with EPIC GUITARS!

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