What I have kept hidden from you

Now that Christmas is over and most of the gifts have been given out, I can now show pictures. I am still a little reluctant but I don’t want to be secretive forever. Here are a few shots from the extra work I did, making a handful of gifts for family and friends.

Shot Glasses:

I made twenty-two of them total. Not all of them turned out how I wanted, but I am ultimately pleased with the results. I wanted to make my ceramic class time as valuable as I possibly could.

Coffee Mugs:

I only made four of these. One I didn’t have extra clay to spare, since I didn’t want to buy an extra bag for the remainder of my bust. I wish I was able to have tested more color combos and known exactly what I wanted out of them. I am very happy with the way the mugs turned out.

Staying till 6-7pm almost every night the last three weeks of school paid off. I still wish I could take Ceramics 2 so that all my knowledge wouldn’t go to waste. I’m content with the way things turned out. I’ll be posting about a new painting I will be working over the break. I bought supplies yesterday and I’m excited. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start working on it tomorrow.

Song:  Cult of Luna – Waiting for you.

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  1. Shot glasses!

    And here I was thinking you’d been making some cute as anything candleholders. 😀

    I bet your family and friends were pleased with their gifts!

    • Actually, a few I made had a perfect shape for candle holders, like one of the ones I sent to my grandparents. I don’t think they do shots too much these days but you never know when they’re feeling young and crazy.

      I’m thinking I might make some tea cups with the remainder of the clay I have. Not too sure. I learned a lesson from making my coffee mugs a little too thick, though I still love them.

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