We got a winner! (I hope everyone caught the movie reference)

So yes, I have promised that I would be announcing the winner of the give-a-way today and without further wait…(drumroll, I can do one of those fo realz)…

Whoever has lucky number 8 step forward.

Well done Jay, you sir have won. And let me show you what you have obtained…(second drumroll, because I can)…


I hope everyone had a merry Christmas. I know mine was just a smidge off perfect, so I really can’t complain. Thanks to everyone that played along. It was lots of fun because I get to keep the Christmas feeling of giving rolling for a little bit longer. At least until I ship this baby on a journey over yonder.

Just a quick reminder, I do have a lot of posts that I will make shortly. I have been trapped in my house and the snow is not letting me go. I also had to wait till it was Christmas to showcase a few items I have. The world will know secrets very shortly! Mwuahahahahahahaha!

Song: Zelda Theme from Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I am picking this song based off a Christmas gift I received. A few people sure showed me how much they care about me.

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