Transitional Thoughts (Running out of time for the painting give-a-way)

I have had some time to reflect on my artistic course re-alignment. Between doing two/three paintings over the break alone, in addition to working on paintings in my painting class I have for next semester, I think I will be fine and have enough time to mentally transition, from one form to the other. I’m not worrying or stressing, though I know I am leaving a comfort zone. It does remind me of when I left my comfort zone of writing to start painting, making my stupid crap paintings that were absolutely horrible. It was what I needed to do to be able to make good work. I am hoping that when I move back to writing I will have all the years I’ve spent putting only minor time into poems to be able to start creating lengthy works of short stories and at least one novel.

These are my current ideas of what I would like to happen, and I will be putting forth the effort to make sure that I get what I want. I’m not going into this half-assed, but I do have some nervousness because I haven’t been able to stick with my prose long enough to see it to completion. One of the first things I want to complete is a short story that I began writing when I was 15. I still remember all the rest of it, but I just put it off over and over again. I will stick to the original ending, just to have something to be done and accomplished.

I am not in a rush to start/end one or the other. I am just trying to embrace the fact of what will be happening shortly. We all must make conscious changes in our lives and try to make the best of them. I am going into this will a clear and focused mind with a sense of excitement. I will obviously let everyone know of progress.

And this will be the last paint give-a-way announcement from me. You have tomorrow to sign up. Do as you please, but I’m not handing one away like this again. I can only be so generous.

Give-a-way Details:


Song: Death Cab For Cutie – Dream Scream (Daniel Johnston Cover)

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