Busy as a Bee (Only a few days for the painting give-a-way!)

I thought that once I was done with school I could breathe and have some time to rest. Yeah I am wrong, dead wrong. I am still crazy busy and I might have one day of peace this week. Thursday I might not have anything special to do…might. I spent a couple hours wrapping gifts (including the give-a-way painting). I need to buy more presents tomorrow and possible Tuesday/Wednesday as well. I have trivia Tuesday night, might see Black Swan as well. Oh craziness how I embrace you and yet wish you would leave me be.

Here is a shot of the pain in the ass bust I had to make. I hated the project from start to finish, even though I wasn’t able to finish my hair. I will explain a little bit later on why, in a post or two.

Everyone only has a few days left to sign up, so get on it or forever be silenced. I have already notified my gracious audience that I am slowing down my painting a lot and I won’t be doing it for much longer. I guess that info wasn’t incentive enough to hope on the free train. I do plan on posting something regarding this, since some time has passed and the concept has sunk in a little bit. I will probably post about it in my next blog, which will be during the week. I hope everyone gets all their shopping done!

Give-a-way Details:


Song: Daft Punk – Tron Legacy Soundtrack – The Game Has Changed. I saw Tron, the film and music are awesome!

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