Showcase Showdown: Painting vs Ceramics (Don’t forget about the Give-a-way!)

So the semester is coming to an end. I am getting all of my ceramics projects done, and luckily I have enough time to do them. My last final is Monday morning at 10 and I have from the end of that till 1:59 on Wednesday to get my bust done. Who doesn’t love a sweet male bust?

In other ceramics news, I have been cranking out my side projects. Here is a shot of one of them. I will be a little mysterious and secretive for certain reasons. I will explain everything after Christmas. I’m sure lots will want to find out the mystery.

Speaking of mystery, there is lots of speculation of the painting give-a-way. Who will win with the current low odds? There aren’t as many people signed up as I would have thought by now, so the ones that are, can easily take the top prize for the meager cost of shipping. Everyone still has time to sign up, but the days are passing and Christmas is closing in.


Song: Novembers Doom – Autumn Reflection. The winter is almost upon us!

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