Christmas Painting Give-A-Way Update and Ceramics Failings

I just wanted to re-post about the give-a-way. Got more people on the list, also I didn’t convert people from the previous one to this one, so if you want to get in this one as well, please send me a new e-mail. I’m too bogged down to be excited about this now, but I know I will get there very shortly. Once this semester is over, I’ll be skating on ice toward full blown excitement!

Here is the link with all the details. You have a couple more weeks to get in your entries!

So in making some of my creations, I ended up screwing up applying slip or the slip was too concentrated so it came out WAY too thick and over-shadowed the glaze. It’s fine because even though what just came out of the kiln was to be used for as gifts, I will re-glaze them with a clear glaze and keep them for myself. I wanted to keep some for myself and I didn’t know which ones I would be able to keep and now I do. As the wonderful Bob Ross said, “We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents.”

I do know that the coil pot I posted in My First Ceramic Creation is going in the kiln and I should get it by Thursay. I will be sure to include a picture once it’s out of the oven.

Song: Tomasz Bednarczyk – I see you. Just a nice tune to relax to. I hope people enjoy the songs I link. If not, send me something you would rather have me post.

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