For the low low price of…

So hopefully you watched the video of me explaining a few things. I made it because I needed to say a few things to people that are interested in my work and about me as an artist. My future with painting will never vanish, but I will be making a lot less work due to time, space and my current artistic atmosphere. I need to pick my writing back up and I need to lessen one thing. This decision facilitates all of those needs.

Now with that said, I have a few paintings I need to get rid of for a few reasons. My loss is your gain. I’m not going to just give them away for free. I am only trying to get back a little bit of the money I invested in them as far as the canvas and paint is concerned. No they’re not my best work, but they weren’t my worst. If they were I would have just painted over them or burned them in a fire like Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair.

Here are some quick shots with the info and prices:

Fading into Evil – $75

Severity – $150

Sometime Angels Fall like the Rest of Us – $150

Non-titled – $50

(quick note: this was the first painting I ever did on a framed canvas, and it one of the only paintings I ever signed on the front)

These prices do not include shipping. Shipping would probably be less than $20 anywhere in the US. Outside the country will be a different story.

Song: Jesu – Sun Day. Since I am posting this on a Sunday, it fits.

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