Christmas Painting Give-A-Way

Ok so here is the scoop. Same rules as the first give-a-way I tried to do. I copied and pasted this from my original post but I did make a few edits.

What’s the catch?

No catch. The winner pays for shipping, that’s all. If it’s in the US, it will probably be $20 or so (not sure about international rates). Only other thing is no family can win. Friends of mine may win but no family. I am making this one rule so I don’t have any perception of a conflict of interest. Anyone else can enter, but if you win you must be willing to send me the shipping money, so I can send the painting to you.

How big/old is the painting?

Not telling size.

When is the contest going down?

The date I would like to do this is on Christmas, which is always December 25th.

How do I enter?

Just give me your name and I will add it to a list. I won’t need any further info unless you’re the winner. Send it to my e-mail address: If you have any other questions, let me know.

Can we add two names on the list or one if we’re a couple?

Two is you’re not married, one if you are. I guess I am doing it from a legal standpoint.

Cut-Off Date:

I need to have one, so that I’m not putting a rush on myself. The cut-off date is the 25th of Dec. I will do all the prep work on the 26th and announce the winner on the 27th. At that point I will need the info and money for shipping from the winner. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the package out within a few days after Christmas.

If anyone else has any more questions or comments, let me know. Finally, just a second reminder, do not enter if you are not willing to pay for the shipping. Enjoy.

Song: Maxence Cyrin – Where Is My Mind (The Pixies Piano Cover)

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