General Voicing #7

Yeah, yeah I know I didn’t make a post when I said I would. Something came up and I will explain that and a couple other things. I will be making lots of posts around Thanksgiving due to time off and the amount of items I have to discuss.


We had an original date in our class on when we would be finished with our previous project and we all thought it changed to a later time. So I figured I wouldn’t have to rush to get it done. Well there was some miscommunication and I need to put in more time to get it done. I will be finished with it by the end of Wednesday. I’ll take pictures then, though I will give you a little teaser for now.

For Sale:

I will go into more detail later but I need space and a few extra bucks. I am lower prices and making some things available at REALLY CHEAP prices. I’ll make a post about it shortly, on what has changed.


I will also need to discuss some things that have been going on with me on a personal level, and it might entice you to buy something from me sooner than you would think. Obviously I’ll just let this entire post tease you to wonder what I am talking about. Well you just have to wait about a week.


I don’t want to leave you on a sour note, so…after the failed give-a-way, I promised I would do a new one for Christmas. I am still keeping it, and I will also be making a post about it in the scurry of all these other posts that need to be written and posted. I will have all the details, which really haven’t changed since the last one I tried to do, except there is no stipulation to the amount of people involved with contest.

Song: The Jesus And Mary Chain – Just Like Honey

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