Hey! How are you doin’ hot MoMA?

Lame title huh? If you chuckled at it, I’ve already suckered you in. I just wanted to make a brief post about my trip to NYC and the Museum of Modern Art last Friday. Luckily it turned out to be a fairly nice day, which was convenient since last year it ended up raining while we were waiting for the bus to arrive.

I wanted to go back to Chelsea too, but due to some disorganization and a bad bus driver, I decided to skip it and just go to MoMA, as far as art is concerned. Last year, besides seeing Chelsea, I also viewed The Metropolitan. That museum is at least a two day event. It’s so huge and tends to go on forever. I believe there have been people lost in the Renaissance wing for a month or two at a time.

Yes I know it’s blurry. Excluding the picture outside the NHL store, the other pictures she took of me in front of certain works are blurry. And you may wonder how I could ever forgive someone of this, but I looked deep down in my heart and was able to forgive her.

I will post a link of the pictures I did take later. I didn’t take enough of pieces I liked, though I did write them down. I will be sure to post that list sometime soon.

I will offer you a personal video instead of a song this time. This piece is called “Split Flap Board Flight Information Display System” by Solaridi di Udine, a manufacturing company in Italy. It’s really cool to watch. I wish they had a bench set up so you could sit down and watch it for a while. I would have been in heaven!

Enjoy the video, and I will get some more posts up shortly. Everyone have a fun Halloween!

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