My first Ceramic creation

So I completed my first ceramic piece. It’s finished as far as building, design and smoothing are concerned. I still need to fire it, glaze it and then fire it again. Not sure when that will happen. I didn’t get new measurements but it’s at least 16”H x 14” D x 10” W. I will get exact measurements later. I am completely happy with it, being my first project that is. This is modeled after a Native American pot, I just don’t have the image available to compare it. Maybe I can find it so I can put it up when I show this when it’s completely finished.

Let me know what you think. I will be starting a new project in class on Monday so that will be exciting. Still haven’t received any ceramics advice, so step it up Ceramic Guru’s!

Song: Team Ozrock – Super Mario Castle Theme Death Metal! Something epic to start your weekend!

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  1. And the heads at the back belong to.. the boys who didn’t get their pots done on time?

    Your pot definitely has that “I belong to a native people group” kind of look. I hope you will post some pics when it’s finished, too. 🙂

    • The heads in the background are from people that left them there from previous semesters. I actually had to bring one of my friends hers this semester even though it was completed but not fired last semester. Creating your head is the final project for Ceramics 1.

      I will be sure to post pics when it’s done. We’re going to be firing some pinch pots we made soon so we can get an idea of some glazes we want to use. I feel all giddy when I say that. I’m so lame.

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