Showing off my creative side

So I’ve never shown a step by step of one of my works. I normally don’t take pictures through the whole process for various reasons (mainly I don’t have my camera on me when I’m painting). Well I took a handful of shots with for the most recent set I completed and I wanted to go step by step with what I did.

First, I need to go over what I used. I still have an acrylic background on all of these which is nothing out of the ordinary for me. As you can see in the picture below, I used Sharpie markers to create the lines, the Bic Mark-It to mark the boarders, and the China wax marker to make the initial design and go over with my melted wax technique.

The pic below shows the three steps I took to get from beginning to finished product. I first laid out the design of each. Afterward, I drew in the lines of each “container” in varying directions, so they wouldn’t overlap with similar directions. Then I finalized it with melting the wax marker to draw over the layout.

My official wax melters.

The final application to this was putting on two coats of Golden Gel Medium – Soft Gel. The wax was smudging and some was even breaking off. I needed to put on a sealer to hold everything in place. It does give a little bit of a shinny finish to it because I used a semi-gloss (the matte looked horrible).

I hope you enjoyed reading this and taking a small view into part of how I get my work from canvas to a work of art. If anyone else has any process blogs, let me know. I am interested in seeing how others go through their own personal steps.

Song: Lustmord – Black Star

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  1. nice post.
    i am very interested in your wax melters. what are they made of and how do they work. ive been destroying a perfectly decent croc pot to melt my wax in. id be very interested in an alternative 🙂

    • Hey ICP, candles, how do they work?

      Anyway, yeah I had some candles that I wasn’t going to use for normal purposes, so they became my Official Wax Melters. Then again there are lots of things that I don’t use for normal/intended uses.

      • ahhh. i see. that actually makes sense now that i look at the pictures again.

  2. Oh sorry Joanna. I didn’t mean to mis-lead you by photography. I don’t have a habit of misleading women. Though I do have a habit of leading them into my lair Muah HA HA HA!

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