No site updates yet, but enjoy the moon

I wanted to update my website with the pictures I just had edited but I was unable to. The main reason was I have been spending the extra time I have studying for a test for my Astronomy class on Monday. We didn’t get told about the test till Friday’s class. Great way to start the weekend huh? Even better news is that we now will have the test on Wednesday, screw me more please!

Beyond that I had a minor cold pop up on Sunday which just adds to the annoyance of studying. Timing is everything and my brain is rather foggy with a runny nose. I guess I have turned into mist.

I will have the new pictures up either Monday or Tuesday (Wednesday the latest). Check back then.

I told want to leave you empty handed, so I give you this.

It’s actually my current background. It’s a picture of the moon I took with a few added settings, taken in Sepia and reversed colorization. It looks ok when you look at it straight ahead. I want you to stand you up and look downward at the photo. Cool huh!

Ihsahn – After

My website (not another link to my blog)



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