General Voicing #6

School has started and I am happy for the most part. I wasn’t too happy about my Astronomy teacher not telling us our first class was canceled so we all showed up for nothing, awesome way to begin the semester.

I am taking two lit classes (Shakespeare & Brit) which both should be very fun. I’m not sure how to react to my Astronomy teacher after the first class I had. I already knew my Ceramics teacher, which was good, since I know he’s a super awesome artist himself and all around generally nice man. I will post pictures of my clay creations as they come along.

Wooden Piece: I am still working out all the details for it. I know this will take me a while to get it all right before I start getting to heavy into it. I guess I will take pics of my drawing designs and small beginnings.

Wood Painting: This has been put on the back burner. I think I jumped the gun too quickly in my aspirations for it. Oops. I think I will re-attack it during my winter break. I think it will be something really great to pick up at that point since I will better be able to grasp the coldness I am trying to capture, and living in New England, we know what a real winter feels like.

Ceramic Products: There are only three required pieces for the course, since I am only taking Ceramics 1. I think I want to do more than the required amount. I know I won’t have room to take another art class next semester (if I’m adding up all my credits right). I figure if I don’t do it now, I won’t get a second chance. I just need to think of what I want to create. I would need to start working on it by the beginning of November, so I have time.

Any hot tips from Ceramic gurus?

Song: Clint Mansell – Welcome To Lunar Industries. I recently watched the film Moon and loved it, but I also really love the music in it. I know lots of people have liked Clint over the past few years, though I’ve loved him since Pi (if you haven’t seen it you’re missing out).

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  1. im a raku person. idk if that falls into the category of what your creating. but its super fun. jealous. my school doesn’t have that as a class =/

  2. Not really, since most of what I will be doing is basic stuff. Especially since we’re only using Earthenware as our only Clay choice. Def the cheap stuff, though it’s great as a teaching tool for beginners.

    Also, schools that don’t offer certain classes seem to be a main theme. My friend wishes she could be in my Shakespeare class. You can’t always have it all.

  3. Hey! It’s quite over here, Eric. Working hard at school, perhaps?

    • Yes I have been incredible busy, mostly from school, though I am making a post after I finish commenting you. Though it is a short one. I have a few post coming soon. And don’t worry about not using the correct word. I know what you meant. 🙂

  4. eeeh. quiet.

    I meant quiet! (rolls eyes at self…)

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