I have a business proposition

Nobody knows what the future holds for them, and that’s what creates some level of excitement/worry. I am thinking about my own, and I have a small level of concern. I’ll be finding a new place to live next summer, which means I have about a year, but it’s still something I need to focus on. I will also have two years of school left, so I won’t be well on my way to getting back full time in the working world.

The thing I most worry about is after crunching some numbers; I’ll have to do a good amount of work to maintain living on my own again, in addition to school. The only way to offset this is to sell more work. So many people are pulling back on their purchases and so many artists are hurting from it (I’m suffering due to the economy, like other. I need to start selling more again (this year has been my worst in the past three years).

I have two solutions to possible get more business and at least one of them could get you some money.

Solution #1 – Finders Fee:

For the time being, I will offer a 10% finders fee for any business on sales of originals or commissions, no prints, which you can find a buyer for. Now that I have prices up for my work, you can clearly know what kind of money you’ll be looking at receiving. I don’t want to go the gallery route, been there and most of those people aren’t nice enough to work with and they also take 50%. Taking half of my money means I would put my paintings back at their original prices, which frankly were too high (I’ve lowered prices 5 times).

Solution #2 – Website Trades:

This idea was brought up to me a few years ago and I didn’t really want to put up the certain level of trust I need for it. I think at this point I am, so I am calling out to any other artist to do a website swap, to feature each other on their respective website. The more exposed we all get, the greater chances we have to getting a sale.

There is a percentage that can also be applied but I don’t think that would be a good option since the majority of new partnerships can go awry easily. It would be strictly a tit-for-tat. This could also grow to become a small group type effort, sales in numbers!

Please contact me for either idea.


Song: I got this one from the Adult Swim catalog. Washed Out feat. Caroline Polachek – You and I.

My website (not another link to my blog)


    • opoetoo
    • August 31st, 2010

    “most of those people aren’t nice enough to work with and they also take 50%. ”

    I could be nice for 50%!!!!

    I knew you were an affectionate ,caring person the first time I saw one of your comments at The Arts Web Show-
    “your ridiculous ,wheres my dessert.” 🙂

    I hope you find away to make it pay and even if you dont I hope you still make it because I think you have to.


    • Thanks Mark. I hope so too. I’m trying everything I got so I can progress in my dreams. I don’t just want to stay stagnant and not be able to obtain what I want. Stepping in this direction may work and I am hoping it will.

      I’ll give you a piece of dessert if you find me a main course. When are you compiling your poems for a book? I should work on that too. So much to do, so much to do…

        • opoetoo
        • August 31st, 2010

        I have no money for a book and I dont care for rejection so probably the answer is later, like
        when pigs fly 🙂

  1. What about a collaboration book then? Like between you and a small group of other writers. That way people will buy it for all these different people and love some of your poems like I do. Then you can do the solo work. I might be willing to do a submission.

    🙂 back at you!

      • opoetoo
      • August 31st, 2010

      I am hip to anything that does not take much time or money . I would be glad to contribute and would not want anything other than to be included.
      All my poems are right there on my blog, I have no others.
      I really do have no money and my work is so unpredictable that it is crazy to think I will have much time any time soon.

      I appreciate your enthusiasm.

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