Why am I an Artist?

I stole this idea from Paula Manning-Lewis and I told her I was stealing this idea because it’s a good one, and a fun one. To help enable people to understand why you do what you do, it can create an understanding of who you are. When someone has a better grasp of who you are, they either want to know more about you or they want to distance themselves.

To better know me, I am listing a few reasons why I’m an artist. I hope this gives you a greater insight into why I do what I do.

1. I don’t feel whole unless I create: I am constantly creating something at some level, whether it’s noise from my drums, images from my photography, words from my poems and writings or paintings from various mediums.

2. It helps me convey my feelings and ideas: Everything I paint, photograph, write or play is an acute look at my current feelings coming out of me at that very moment. I never paint the same picture twice, I never capture the same image, I never write the same poem twice and I never play the same set of drums twice. Every time I perform, I make something new. Is it always better? No, but it is what I need to do, as part of my process to getting better.

3. It pleases others: I am a very affectionate person and because of this I’m almost always trying to please others in some way, shape or form. I tend to mostly do this through jokes (I’m a comedian for sure). But, I have come to light in past 5 years of painting, that some of my work is sought after by a few people and loved by many. I am still partially in awe that so many people say such kind words of my art, which I appreciate on a constant basis.

Attached is the video of what started it all. If you’re a person that loves knowledge, you should visit TED.com to see more. Incredible ideas from incredible minds.

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

You can listen to the song I posted below as you might ponder your own reasons of why you do what you do. I await any of your responses and possible your own post.

Song: Eluvium – Indoor Swimming at the Space Station

My website (not another link to my blog)


    • manlewis
    • August 26th, 2010

    Eric, this is awesome! Thanks for the credit and link and for sharing the reasons why YOU paint! Great read!

    Paula 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed my reasons. I know they weren’t as colorful and more down to brass tacks but they had just as much meaning and significance. I hope some other play along with this game, it’s lots of fun and fills you with loads in personal insight.

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