I got it! I got it! I don’t got it…

I’ve done this in the past and I thought I learned my lesson but I didn’t. I waited too long to start working on my wood painting that I previously talked about and I feel as if I’ve lost part of the vision and also part of the will to work on it. There has been too much build up and in-between time. It went from an expanding idea that grew fast, then slowed down to a crawling viewing of watching water freeze into ice.

What I think will happen, is I will finish getting all of the materials I need, which is only a few more things. Then I will re-attack it during school. I wanted to get it partly done before school started but I think it I get my creative juices flowing being back at school, I’ll be good to go.

Again ending things on a positive note, I went to the art place yesterday to finalize stuff with my prints. Just an FYI, I am updating my site shortly so you will be able to view everything updated in about an hour after this post is made, which I would recommend doing, since I’ll have new images up.

The American Heartbeat – 24” x 12” – $110

Welcome to the Machine – 24” x 18” – $150

This does include everything except shipping i.e. Frame, Framing, Glass, and Matting. Shipping usually isn’t too bad but since everywhere you ship to has different rates, especially internationally, I can’t give out a blanket number to cover everything.

Also, I will not use a number system because I will be making these as custom orders. I just don’t have that kind of cash to make 300 copies and I don’t have a big enough fan base to buy said copies. I will autograph each print though, so you know it’s legit and you can have the pleasure of knowing I touched it (I’m kidding I’m not that cocky, and I hope you’re not that creepy to enjoy that fact, but if you are I still thank you for enjoying my work).

If anyone has any input/concerns/tips about this news, do let me know. I’m nervous/excited about finally having prints available.

Song: Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin. Funky song with a dark edge and interesting video concept.

My website (not another link to my blog)


  1. sheesh…we really are living the same life.
    I am so discouraged because i lose the will to focus on the series that i created. I had gotten it all sketched out and planned to perfection…but i waited to long. My plan was to wait till summer when i could focus all my attention on it by my studio had to be renovated which dragged on forever and it just never happened. Now that my studio is finished…it just seems so pointless. Its been 5 months and the idea isn’t fresh or as powerful as it seemed in the beginning. I developed another series this summer to takes its place, but its getting to that point again…not enough time to get the work done. Its all really frustrating because i want so much to live a life that is centered in art but its not possible. I give that up for now so i can work two jobs to get through art school and start an full time 18 credit school schedule on top of work….it just gets so crazy. I know there will be plenty of time to create new ideas later in life and eventually i wont have to work as hard if i work hard enough now. But what about all the ideas i am getting(and losing) now? Its so unsettling.

    ANYWHOO! haha wow. sorrry. that just went on and on. Glad to hear about your prints getting done. Your website has a really impressive display of work. Maybe i should think of getting a website for my work? Hmmm. Decisions.

  2. I have put off finishing up a series that I will still complete shortly, that I haven’t lost the light to, so I’m happy about that. Just the one piece that I built up, only to get weathered down.

    Thanks for the compliment on my site. I recommend getting a website of your own, it’s the best thing to happen for my art, though it can get costly. I lucked out to have it hosted on my fathers servers and it was built by one of his employees for free. If you have any friends that can either host it for free or help you build it for free that will save you tons of money. One thing I learned in the art world is Quid Pro Quo works. You might be able to get what you want for some of your own work.

  3. thanks for the advice . ill def check that out. 🙂

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