I met Sheppard Fairey while I was a little Inebriated

I didn’t plan for that to happen, but it’s true. Most people know who he is at this point in his life between Beautiful Losers, the Hope poster for Obama and his famous “Obey” works with the late Andre the Giant (anyone want a peanut?).

I was at an outdoor festival called Foofest which was put on by AS220, was this past Saturday, that I ended up going to with my uncle and his friend. I bumped into my cousin and chilled with him the whole night. My cousin said he spoke with Shepard and about one minute later he walked past the table I was at and I called out his name to talk with him. He was kind enough to turn around and chat with me, which I appreciated since some artist when they reach a certain level of fame, don’t care. He was quickly taken away by a phone call from his wife, but before leaving he gave me some of his “Obey” stickers.

I was happy with this pleasant interaction with him and it made me think about other people that have had good, bad or odd meetings with bigger named artist. Tell me your juicy stories!

Song: Air – Mike Mills. I was listening to Talkie Walkie while writing this and I figure I play it in honor of the Beautiful Losers (the song appears in the film).

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  1. aahhh thats so cool! envy…all over the place. haha i think the most “famous” artist that ive met is James Gurney. He did the artwork for the book “Dinotopia”. He came to my school and did a lectuer for us. It doesnt seem like that big of a deal but Dinotopia was like my favorite book growing up. So getting to meet him was really cool for me. He signed my copy of “Dinotopia” and we got to chat for a bit and i got to explore some of my favorite drawings and the processes that he went through to create them. 🙂
    Not as awesome as getting to meet Sheppard Fairey…but thats my story!

    • Well you got to meet someone who’s work you grew up with. It would have been a reward itself, bringing back memories to your childhood. Leslie McFarlane aka Franklin W. Dixon, the person behind the Hardy Boys, was dead before I was even alive. I wasn’t even 6 yet when Jim Henson died. I just realized my youth is full of dead people. 😦

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