I can smell the rain coming

It feels like I’m trying to rush everything with the fleeting days that exist between now and school. I don’t want to let anything I need to get done go untouched and end up regretting it. I’ve already adjusted my painting workload twice.

Work of Art finished and I am glad Abdi won. I would have been completely bummed out if Miles had won. Not trying to be mean, but he’s the type of artist I don’t care for. The people that are more about playing the art character in a film called life. Throughout the show the judges ate him up and I just was aggravated by it. I was thinking it was a NYC thing since I saw some of the same ridiculousness when I visited the galleries in Chelsea last fall.

PIC – My Feet

PIC – Eyebeam Art & Technology Center

I also finished a book called “Famous Last Words” by Ray Robinson. Really good short book to read when you have a little bit of time, or if you need a little coffee table book (Thanks again for the present Sabrina). Shortly after I finished the book, I took a shower to head out. After getting out of the shower, this popped into my head, and I really like it. Let me know what you think.

“My past has shaped my present and my present will shape my future.”

Song: Devin Townsend Project – Hyperdrive.

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