Dreaming of the Future

I will be absent for the next few days. When I return I need to get down to business with the pictures, updating and sketching. I am looking forward to this little get-a-way, but I am also looking forward to getting back home to get back to work. Sometimes you need to put your life on hold for a couple weeks and once you can, pick it up where you left off.

Speaking of pictures, I got a few great shots when I went on a walk/hike with my uncle. I’ll be sure to post them in the same fashion I did with my pictures from the lake. I may get some great shots while I am away as well, so I’ll see if there might be an additional picture or two.

Since I have mainly been getting out lots of words through this blog, I have remembered how much I enjoyed writing. My writing was put on hold for the past few years because I stopped putting my focus on it (nobody to blame but myself). However, while driving to a friend’s house, I got a great idea. Something that I think I can accomplish while I am still in school and have extra time. I want to write a book and I have a little bit less than 3 years to do it. It will take me a while to figure out all the W’s, but I really think I can do this.

To my loyal readers, I’m asking this question in a general manner. What in the future, near or far, do you wish to accomplish?

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  1. one thing Ive always wanted to do was film a…kind of documentary about life and the individuals living it. 🙂 ive started bits and peices. but its not finished. But i dont think it ever wil be. Unless ive managed to capture every human being in the world..it will never be “complete”. Thats what im struggling with.

  2. Looking forward to the photos going up. Hiking with your uncle sounds like the family invasion was nobly spent 🙂 (meaning that seriously – I am a national park junkie!)

    Writing a book is a great goal. Have you seen the .. (screwing up one eye in the effort to recall the name of it… ) the, well, it’s a writing month, and bloggers all over participate, and have the month of

    found it! 😀


    have you heard of this? It would take something like this to kick start me on a serious writing project, I think. If there’s no deadline, I tend to wait until the “perfect” inspiration comes.

    But perhaps you are more motivated?

    As for what I wish to accomplish – that depends on the day. 🙂 Sometimes just being faithful to complete my (sometimes very prosaic, mundane, not-so-inspiring) daily activities at home while maintaining enthusiasm, is a goal in it’s self. Other days I dream about actually sticking at something I enjoy until I am truly proficient at it. Ideally, I’d like to become sufficiently familiar with the technical aspects of my camera gear, in order to creatively maximize opportunities as they arise.

    Hope your time away is refreshing 🙂

    • BB,

      Thanks for your writing suggestion I will check it out. I just returned and boy do I have a handful of pictures to add. I almost ran out of room on my memory stick, though I won’t be posting all the family photos here.

      I’ll try to make a new post with a handful of them added, or I might even do two post since I have so many between both sets of pictures, I’ll think about it.

      And, excluding today (since I left at 9am) I had lobster everyday I was there. I think that answers the refreshing question. 🙂

      – Eric

      • Ha! Eric, your lobster-every-day so completely tops my bacon-and-eggs-for-brekker-every-day during my recent trip, that I am tempted to be insanely jealous! I love lobster!

        Glad to hear it went well 😛

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