You’ve got a friend in me

Maybe I am giving the blog that title because I saw so much press and ads for Toy Story 3, maybe it’s because I quote movies too much or maybe I’ve finally snapped. If you voted option c, turn off your computer and burn your keyboard. Not really. That would completely ruin the reason why I am writing this.

I had previously saw a post on here about all the social networking sites, more from a bitter stand-point rather than embracing it (which is odd since it’s a blog, kind of defeating the purpose huh?). I’ve finally set up a blogroll (I need to find more people I connect with to add). The main reason why I ever created my facebook account was to find more people in the art world I could connect with. I haven’t followed through with this, for the most part.

I do want to get back to my original design. I wanted to add fellow bloggers or readers (practically whoever) to my fb to help. Making post about friends in the blogging world is teh coolz and you help them get more exposure and you can also get more by them doing the same for you.

If anyone is brave enough, here is the link:!/profile.php?id=100000281772547

If anyone has friend suggestions send them my way too. I’ve been slacking but I want to get back on the righteous path.

Song: Disembowlment – The tree of life and death. I choose this song because one brave girl told me to go for it.

My website (not another link to my blog)

  1. haha! proud of ya, man! and nice choice by the way 🙂

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