Current Updates That Won’t be Current in the Future


So I ran into a big wall trying to get the prints done. I couldn’t get them to my usual person, after trying a few methods, especially since there was work to be done to these instead of the usual crop and chop to get the painting. I started to look elsewhere to get the job done.

I mentioned my dilemma to my uncle and he had a friend do it for me in a very short time. I believe the work he did will be sufficient, so I should have something done shortly (not too positive on a specific timeframe). So the handful of people that are interested in prints will have what they wanted. I will post pictures when I have them, also by that time I will settle on a price.


I have settled on a new plan for the give-a-way. What I will do is still send the same piece I originally wanted, but this time I will send it as a Christmas present. I won’t have a pre-requisite amount of people. Still no family will be on the list, but friends, friends of friends and random internet lurkers are welcome. I will work out all the new info in a few months, I have time.

For anyone curious about entering in, here is the link to the original one I proposed.  I promise you this isn’t a gimmick or scam. Who would be dumb enough to scam someone with their real name and identity?

I still need to work on sketches and pictures. I’ve been too three parties between Saturday and Sunday, then it rained again…oh my luck. I might not get them done until August, I’ll live. It’s not like everyone in the world is rushing to gobble up all my art (come on reverse psychology, work damn you work!).

Song: Helios – West Orange. It’s a light piano piece.

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