Challenging My Accomplishments

I need to get working on goals I’ve set for myself, though I have a road block set up. I won’t really be able to work on any art projects from now until August. I have a family invasion that will start this weekend and won’t stop. I’m not complaining, I haven’t been able to see my grandmother for about a year, which is too long of a time! I just know that I will be focusing on that until everyone leaves, which won’t be till sometime in/around August. I also know that I won’t be posting much during that time either, so I hope my few loyal readers don’t miss me too much (you can always see me in your dreams…on second thought that’s a little creepy).

I need to set up a blog roll soon, I’ve been neglecting that as well. The other things I have not put enough energy into are pictures, which I can still get done with all the time constraints rapidly advancing on me. It doesn’t help that it’s raining cats and dogs currently. I’m sure that I will have some sunshine soon. Being a slacker during the summer seems right and wrong at the same time.

I can start working on sketches though. This will be a big time challenge for me, since I am seeking a type of perfection that I haven’t reached before. I don’t settle on mediocre. I usually paint over mediocre, and turn it into something worth looking at. That reminds me, I will post some old paintings I did years ago that I can’t paint over (for various reasons) in an up-coming post.

I leave you with two questions:

I am thinking about posting prices up on my website, to accompany the paintings. Yea/Nea?

Since July is one of the busiest months of the year, does anyone else have any major plans?

Song: 80’s Nu-Wave vibe with a Dubstep take-over. White Lies – Death (Chase & Status Remix)

My website (not another link to my blog)

  1. Hey, Eric.

    I can’t make a useful comment on the posting of prices – I don’t normally buy art on line, or IRL. But perhaps you could hunt around a few other artists sites and see what they do?

    Have you checked out the possibilities of launching some of your work on the art co-operative selling sites? Not sure of the pros and cons, but I’ve read of some of the arty bloggers here on wordpress who have had success selling that way.

    Major plans for July? Yes 😀

    July for me means a week at a seriously lush resort on the coast, doing the corporate thing – smorgasbord breakfasts, fancy dinners, all that sort of hard work 😛

    Hope that family invasion is keeping you cheerfully busy 😀

    • I have seen a mixed bag in regards to prices on sites. I doubt I would do the co-operative thing, because of a couple negative reasons I have seen, but I might give it a try if I come by something that catches my eye.

      One thing I would like to do would have a finders fee type thing. Give a certain amount of money or percentage if someone brings someone to my work and I get a sale of commission out of the deal. I have to run numbers to find out what would be acceptable terms.

      Have fun being elegant and posh! I’m about an hour out from the non-stop invasion. So that will be fun…

  2. good luck with the invasion! im due for my own invasion a week from today. im not nearly as optimistic about the whole situation as you are though 😉 Im going to try and stay really immersed in my art…it may very well be the only thing that keeps me from crossing over into insanity. haha.

    and about your online pricing: predicament: sometimes its useful for potential commissions to get a handle on what your charging for your work. But i agree with Beyond Bluestockings…i would try to look around and see what other artists do to present their work. If the primary goal of your site is sale…then i would definitely post some info on prices. But if your site is only for advertisement of our work and skills for potential uses then i dont think its that necessary. But yeah, look around and see how other people are presenting their work.

    also…great song. ive been listening to white lies a lot lately. really beautiful stuff. i approve 😉

    • I guess sometimes you don’t look forward to what you want to do. I am actually not going to a show I really wanted to see to spend more time with family. The only show I wanted to go to over the summer has to be on the same day as the family party…I’ll live.

      I have decided that I will display prices. I haven’t had time to update my stuff yet, been too busy. I think I will have some time this weekend.

      Thx for enjoying my playlist. I usually worry about if ppl like the tunes I play. I also try to add stuff that people may not have heard before or is too loud. I usually get complaints of my “loud” music.

      • oh never worry about what other people think of your music. i don’t! Ill drive around blasting my “loud” music everywhere i go…and get all kinds of funny faces…but its alright. Or ill put it all over my facebook, and blogs. Its my way of sharing my passion with the world. It always makes me smile what i see others doing the same.

  3. Well I’ll be sure to play some “louder” music for my next post. Hopefully it will be the right kind of loud.

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