Capturing the Bright Lights

I hope people had a fun 4th (& 5th) of July. I really dug the 4th being on a Sunday so you got two days of fun and fireworks. This pic is of my friends little sister. She willingly stood there for the shot, so I was happy. I enjoy this amateur photographer business.

While I was looking through the pictures of what I captured that day and night, I reflected that I haven’t painted anything with that same level of magical feeling from fireworks. I wouldn’t want to do fireworks, but I do want to paint something that is on the same level. I’m not really sure what is though.

If anyone has any ideas on something that has the same essence of fireworks that could be a good potential object to base a painting off of let me know. If anyone else has any cool 4th shots, send me links.

Before I go, I need to thank someone for sending me some pictures of a future art project I am working on. Beyond Bluestockings has been very gracious to me with not only pictures but wise words of helpful wisdom in my blogging adventures. So if you would please take a gander at her blog, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Song: Since we’re talking about stuff that usually goes off in the sky, this song fits.

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  1. Thanks, Eric. That was sweet 🙂

    • You’re welcome BB. It was the least I could do for now. I hope you catch some new viewers from it. /crosses fingers

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