Next great work of art?

I’ve been watching the show on Bravo, called Work of Art. I enjoy watching it, mostly to see what challenges they have to do. The drama behind it gets to be a bit annoying (this is the same network that makes The Next Housewives of …).

The thing I don’t like about the show is some of the challenges don’t put the artist out of their comfort zone. Excluding the second challenge, they all get to do whatever they want. I hope it becomes more restrictive in the following episodes. I personally like to challenge myself when I paint/draw/etc. I really hope that it starts to come through more of standing on your tippy-toes hoping you keep your head out of water, because they’re making you paint a bowl of fruit in oil (that would be my worst feared challenge).

If you look at it as a commission, it starts to make perfect sense. If I am paying you an agreed amount for you to do whatever I want, then you will find a way to get it done. The “working with what you know” or what you think can get you by is what gets most of the people sent home. Though a couple of people have been sent packing while trying to mold the challenge within their realm. If you can’t adapt as an artist…ouch.

Progress is key to everything. Progress in your art. Progress as a person. Progress your life.

Song: Caspian – The Raven

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  1. i love this show…but i completely agree with you, i really wish there was more of a challenge sometimes(and much less drama). I mean its always exciting when people are given the freedom of expression and seeing all of the different approaches that can be made by different people to the same challenge. But it would be so exciting to see how they all approach a challenge where there are specific guidelines that need to be followed. For example, i love your bowl of fruit idea because that would be my greatest fear as well 😉 how do you make something so boring interesting…and approach it in your own unique way that will set you apart: THAT would be a challenge….the crucial struggle that every artist must face. Because anyone can paint a bowl of fruit beautifully….but what is going to make your work of art better than anyone else’s? Its a bit terrifying as an art student thats emerging into the art world. How do you appeal to a massive group of potential clients while still appealing to your own artistic license?

  2. JoAnna,

    I know I personally would have to be outside my comfort zone. The majority of my work is using lots and lots of layers. I would be sinking fast if I didn’t alter my own course.

    Sometime they do think quick and get the job done. Sometimes they just get ultra lazy, like Miles. Though for any competition, you only need to survive until the last challenge where you need to win. Strategy is main vein!

  3. I have been watching too. for me it would be a major challenge. Adhering to criteria has never been a strength of mine. still i would love to do it.

    • I do think a lot of us would love to try it. Though I know it wouldn’t be for all. I could sink or swim depending on what they throw at me. I’m not sure I could make it all the way, it’s a lot harder than it looks.

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