The summertime is generally the craziest time of the year. Everything is bombarding you at once and you don’t always have time for the canvas in your art space calling your name. I’m coming up on mine time bomb, toward the middle of July. I won’t be doing anything (artistically) from then until the beginning of august, yet I don’t have all the items I need to work on some of the other things.

I have mentioned a wood piece I am going to be doing. One of the main things I need is an accurate picture or two. I have searched for them but with no luck. I am currently asking people on a forum I frequent (don’t bother asking what one). I would ask on here as well, but I don’t have a big enough fan base to get anything, but if any girls would love to volunteer, let me know (not asking for nudes).

One other thing I will hopefully be getting to shortly is updating my site. I have a set I need to put up there, but haven’t been able to photograph the paintings yet. With my current set up it takes a couple hours to do the entire process and I haven’t had the time or correct weather to do it. I am going to try to get it done within a week. I have let it slip too long (I have nobody to blame but myself).

On a positive note, I’m finally able to send the pictures that will be used as prints to have them edited. Long boring story that doesn’t need explaining, trust me! I hope lots of people had a good 4th.

Song: I’ve really been digging this song lately. The middle of it is really chill. Ours to Alibi – Weary, We Fell Upon Land

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  1. Eric, what do you need, exactly, in way of a picture?

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