Cancelling the Painting Give-a-way

Title says it all. I know I said I would wait till the 4th to get my quota but no such luck. Thanks to all the people that helped spread around the news. I can say that even though it has been cancelled, I will do something like this in the future. I guess it just didn’t fly this time around.

The reason why I did it was because I thought it would be a fun little game. Someone gets something out of it and it was pure enjoyment for me. I love playing games and contest, I just figured since this was a free one, more people would have jumped on it.

I’m not sure if I will hold onto the painting, sell it or something else. I’ll think about it and get back to the general assembly. If anyone has any suggestion, let me know.

Song: Celtic Frost – Drown In Ashes

  1. Eric,

    Sorry that you were disappointed in the response to your contest, it is a fun idea. I’ve sent and received surprise parcels between here and Minnesota, and Germany, and it was equally joyful to send, as it was to have parcels arrive.

    I wonder if a possible reason for the lack of response could be that you have so little of your art here on display for people to judge whether they would like to enter?

    There is not, as yet, so much of your blog to give hints to who you are as a person, or yet what your style of art is. Just some thoughts…

    Be of good cheer, it takes a while to build a community, just as I’m sure it took time to find your place in the force, and in your learning institutions, but beginnings are generally just that: beginnings of good things 🙂

    • BB,

      The voice of reason returns. I guess that I do need to get some longevity going. I just figured it was an easy way to obtain a small audience and find some new people. I don’t post tons of pictures because all my art is on my site which I always link at the end of each post. I have found out that the amount of space you’re limited to on here can run out fast.

      Maybe I try a different approach on telling people who I am. My thoughts define who I am by what rattles around in my brain and comes out as my opinion.

      I’ll take your words in and think about it.

      • Eric, for you, I will allow myself to look a goose. Ready? (blushing)…

        I have seen the link at the end of each of your posts, and thought (forgive me) that it was a link to your homepage here. Often new bloggers will leave a link to their site in comments, not realising that their name at the top is sufficient. Likewise, I didn’t read it carefully, and assumed .. well, you just liked putting your link out there 😀 (I know, I know… doughy of me!)

        Anyway.. now that my moment of humiliation is over, have you thought about posting your pictures here, and as your space runs out, you can delete older posts, or delete media uploads from the site, thus freeing up space when you need it?

        Alternatively, put the link to your art site in your “about” page? I know you have a link there, and now that I have wandered your art site, I presume it is the bio page from there (can’t quite remember), but.. it would make it easier for people to use if you edit the about page here and make your link active (so cut and paste is not necessary), and add a separate link that tells people where to view your art work.

        Shameless self promotion is all acceptable in the blogging world, and not everyone is a) familiar with the intricacies of internet for leisure, or b) particularly gifted with long attention spans, so making things as simple as possible is a plus.

        Of course, you can take or leave these thoughts, but if I, who have wandered blog land for a while and already had an interest in your plans here, have thus far unwittingly missed your link, I am confident there are others who would likewise.


    • BB,

      It wasn’t letting me reply to your second comment so I am doing it here. I’m odd like that but oh well. That does also make some sense. I did put my link in my profile in the about section but I see that it doesn’t show up correctly. I guess not only do I need to do some editing, but I also need to put a little reminder/notice about my site being different from here.

      It’s one of the reasons why I never changed this link to drop the wordpress part, because if it did, it would be the same title as my website that already exist. I know I have a decent amount of hits from here to my site, so I guess I didn’t think about it.

      I will do some tinkering around and re-formulate how I proceed from here. Thanks again for your wise words.

    • opoetoo
    • July 1st, 2010

    Its all good man.
    Sorry it turned around and bit you.
    No one buys free cause it has burned them too much.
    I trusted you because I can understand how an artist would want to share . My dad would give paintings and carvings away but he never sold them.Sometimes people offered him money for his work and it ALWAYS insulted him. He would say stuff like “that is about 10cents an hour” .

    I think your art is powerful .

    • Mark,

      I bet that you’re right about the trust issue. It has to have been a big concern for people, since free meant being on a call list/mailing list/stealing your SSN…

      I know you enjoy my stuff and it’s much appreciated. I am thinking I might do something for Christmas. You’ll still be on the list!

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