Branded like Cattle

Tag! You’re it! One glimpse at some of your work and that’s what you are to some people. Some of those people matter, some are just on-lookers that continue to look. Window shopping artist like as if we were individual stores in an endless mall of commerce, seeing who has what hanging on their walls. The bright lights that are bought by bigger names, or people who think they have a big name (needing more room for their egos than art work) have a way of attracting more eyes and mouths.

Where am I supposed to be branded with a label? Should I get it done as a trampstamp? I have an ever-changing fluidity to my art. It has gone from using colors and textures on a purely emotions basis to something much more tangible in the common man’s view. For most true artist, we adapt with time. We alter who we are and what we create as time progresses.

If you see someone’s work now, check back in a few years and see if it’s still the same. Some people do stay the same, but most don’t. I’ve been painting on my own for over 7 years and some of my first creations are absolute trash (I even threw away a bunch for some needed space). I know that what I will craft in the future will be different from my present work.

The guy that photographed the two paintings for my prints remarked how different my work is. I’m not the only person seeing all the variations. I’m not going to be held to one genre. Some people need to stop trying to tie me down by an anchor of subjectivity. Everything I do is what it is, and that is that.

So to lighten the tone I give you a funny song. Note: there is some swearing.

Duck Face.

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