Judging ourselves harder than we judge others

This tends to be true for the majority. I know I’m my worst enemy when it comes to my own work. I’ve re-painted at least half dozen pieces to make something better…much better. Only reason why I don’t do more is because some of the early work is done on canvas I don’t want to re-use because it’s not up to my standard.

Though I do tend to notice that I can be too critical of others.  Maybe because I look at their work and not that I don’t care for something because I can see it has talent behind it, but rather the artwork sucks. I’m not going to be an a-hole and tell them I think their stuff is horrible and they should stop trying to make “art” immediately. For some of the people, they’re just beginning, and most of us don’t come out the gate making these amazing works. It can take time, years or even decades.

This clip speaks volumes to what I’m getting at.

Also this clip!

…and this one.

If you’re an artist and you haven’t seen Art School Confidential, YOU ARE WRONG! Go buy it, rent it, watch it. Happy Fathers Day!


  1. June 20th, 2010
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