I forgot what you said

I recently wrote a post that I was going to put up but it has a little bit too much negative battery power from the brain charger. So I will hold back and wait for another day. Maybe a day when I’m not in a good mood, that way I have a reason for posting something on the minus scale.

I also changed my “gravatar.” I liked the original picture but it needed to be changed. I don’t look like that any more, my hair is almost shoulder length (does that make me a hippie?) and I’ve lost a lot of weight (I got into a bad habit, though it’s all good now). I just figured I update it, so my three fans will be content (thank you three fans!).

I felt like painting today, which I hadn’t in a while, and it was nice to get back to adding more layers. I worked on a set that I’ve been putting off. I’ve had a bunch of other things on my mind, I’ve just put painting on the backburner for now and I need to get some time in. I won’t have time to paint shortly; I will be booked solid for most of July with family stuff.

Some more relaxing ambient. Stars of the lid!


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