Trip but don’t fall

I’m going away on a camping trip this weekend. Should be all weekend, barring any weather problems. The one thing I am most looking forward to is to possible gain some inspiration or thoughts on some future paintings. Mostly I am hoping to come back with something to work on my multi-failed painting, which currently sits in my art space with a black covering.

I do plan on taking lots of photos as well. I’m not a photographer per say, but I enjoy taking photos. I do wish I was more capable with non-digital cameras though I suck, I can admit it. I’ll see how many photos I end up posting. If I get a bunch of good stuff, I will just make a new Photobucket folder and throw them all in there for the curious minds and wandering eyes. If…

For those still interested or un-informed, the give-a-way is still on, but I’m still lacking people for it. Get your family, friends, or whoever you know to sign up. I don’t care who. I just want people!

One last thing, I know times are getting tough, and this is the point that we need to strive to be on top. I have linked lots of music for various reasons. This song gives me courage, strength and a will to continue on, moving forward without ever looking back. I hope you have a great weekend!

    • opoetoo
    • June 12th, 2010

    Well I reckon you’re camping and I am glad for you sounds like a great time.
    Thanks for this video I really enjoyed it.
    I hope you get some good inspiration this weekend.


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