Summer Project

I found myself an additional summer project besides the few paintings I wanted to do. I am going to re-write all of my poems and stories into word documents. I know that may seem odd, but it’s quite an under-taking. I have close to 200 poems alone, never mind all the short stories and parts of stories I’ve written. It will take me a while to do all this but I do have time. I will try to get started sooner than later. I first need to find all of my notebooks.

I’ll see what I can do to broadcast them, or I might just post a handful of them. Not sure atm. It’s something I need to fully wrap my head around to get an accurate opinion. I’ve also had people mostly tell me they like my words without giving me any critical feedback, or simply not saying which ones they liked or didn’t like. Too many people are afraid to tell artist they don’t like certain works. Any request/opinions let me know.

I also did some rough drawings for a commission I have coming up. I doubt I’ll show the drawings, but I will be taking lots of process pics for this, at least some.

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