Looking For Fellow Artists

I’ll try to make this brief and to the point. I’ve only been blogging for a few months, and I never set out to be an art blog guru. However, part of me feels like I’m wasting my time. One of my goals was to find some other artist that I have some common ground with to talk about art, and our own art. I really haven’t obtained that goal. Heck, I haven’t even found a handful of people to give my art to for free, never mind other artist to talk with.

I know blogging started out as something of just getting out your ideas in an open format in the forever expanding space of the internet, though it’s evolved into something much more. It’s a way to get connected with people, and that’s one object that I have yet to grab a hold of. I would like to change that.

So what I am simply asking is for some other artist out there that might look at my work, read my words/thoughts and think they can vibe with me for some sort of meaningful conversations/discussions.

If anyone that reads this thinks someone else may benefit from this, please pass it along. You can get in contact with me in a message, comment or send me your e-mail address through my site.


Thanks in advance,
– Eric

Note: I will post this two or three times. I know lots of people only check stuff out every couple days. I will add (Re-Post) or make an adjustment to following post.

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