Art Show Turn Out

The first weekend is over. Had lots of fun and lots of great paintings, pictures and other pieces were displayed. I received a 2nd place for painting “Solving the Equation.” I didn’t even realize there was a competition, so it was a nice surprise.

Being my last week of exams I didn’t even think I would have been able to enter the show. I did just in time and last week worked perfectly. Studied and took most of my exams Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I had off, which was great because if was the drop off day for your work. Thursdays was my last exam, and Friday was the show. It feels nice to be lucky for once.

For anyone in the Mass/RI area, the show will be going on until Sunday the 13th of June.

Click on the Art Show and there will be a pop-up with a link for accurate directions.

I will also be getting some info and pricing on prints/glicees. I know that most people can’t pay for the original but would love to have the picture in their home. Prints were something I never thought of doing (I prefer the idea of single original art), but I would rather have prints of a few paintings to satisfy a few friends cravings.

Song: Eluvium – Genius and the Thieves

    • opoetoo
    • June 8th, 2010

    I really like “Solving the equation” I had to check my monitor to see what was causing the shadow across the bottom. Then I realised that it was you who did that!
    It has a lot of depth . It is a mix between the shade of trees and the blurr of aerial maps. Anyway that is how I solved the equation.
    thanks for sharing

    • I’m glad you enjoy it. It took a lot to do that painting, and I wasn’t sure if it would even turn out right. A good handful of my paintings have rode on luck and won, turning out what I had wanted or even more. The ones that fail, get turned into something else.

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