General Voicing #5

Couple things on my plate: Progression with my series, finishing some previous work, moving forward and something is now changed.


I have finished the second piece in my series, and I have developed new ideas and worked out some of the finer details with what I have next. I’ll expect to be finished with it by May(ish). All those layers take time.


A series I started and mostly finished last year, is coming close to being done. I found a finish that satisfies all of my needs (thanks to a guy from my local Utrecht Store). So not only and I extremely happy that it works, I am also happy that it will be finished. It did take me about 30 q-tips to clean them up before I could put the finish on. Tedious much?


I have also thought about what I will do over the summer. I will tackle the big(ger) canvas that has plagued me. Twice beaten has never happened before, but this fight isn’t over.


I did it again. I painted over a previous panting. Though, I only feel I enhanced it. Sort of what I did with “The Path to Life can be Scary.” Though you might wonder, which one could it be? I will reveal the truth you seek shortly. I need to wait for a nice day to take adequate pictures, and it’s a flood here right now (seriously).

Song: Since the weather has been crappy here, time for some more…darker music. Shape of Despair – In The Mist Part 1.

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