Visual Learners vs. Actual Memory

So, I’ve been very busy with school over the past week or so. Still working on that series I talked about. Nothing finished yet but I have a few that are coming close. I need to pick up some more paint (maybe today) to get one of them finished. I’ll post it up when as soon as I can.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I write. Not as often as I would like, but I think that I will increase that amount very shortly. Here’s something that I wrote a couple days ago. Let me know what you think.

Visual Learners vs. Actual Memory

Just sitting there
And your mind goes blank

Maybe it goes black
And everything turns to grey
Or white?
I can never seem to remember

Just like that phone call
Remembering every detail
But forgetting who
I’m talking to

Reading words by dead people
Seems to hold more value than
Words from the living

Blowing the dust off an old picture
Seeing what was
Thinking about what will be

Just thinking
But then everything goes blank

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