General Voicing #4

“Show us the new flashy stuff kid.”

New Series:

After working on something that I only had a few ideas for, but not a true finish, I completed a painting and will be working on a series. I am thinking 7 but it’s not a solid number. I know I wouldn’t do more than that. They are 8” x 10”’s and I’m trying to get really creative with colors and designs.

I will take pics of the first one I finished (shortly). I’ve laid some groundwork for the next three, and already have a few good designs. I know it will come down to color arrangement and style. I think this one will work, but I will only know at the end.

“We can barter!”

Lowered Prices:

I lowered my prices again. I think the first time I set prices; I was basing them off some responses I had received from some people. Some were in the right ball park but most weren’t, so a few months back I set them to a much better range. I was reflecting over the list again and I lowered most of them again for two reasons: not as many biters (stupid economy) and a few were still set a little too high.

I feel like I’m mostly as my rock bottom (especially since art is one trade that gets hagglers, too bad you can’t do that for everything). There is a point that it will feel like I am giving it away.

So let me ask, at what point does it feel like you’re giving it away?

Song: I don’t have bad luck in my life, I have bad timing. Flica – Late

  1. cool artwork.
    i feel you’re pain

    • Glad you enjoy it. I try to take the ups with the downs. Some days better than others…

    • Angie
    • March 3rd, 2010

    It should never feel like you are giving it away. Even if you receive nothing monetary, you are being paid knowing that someone else is loving something that you created.

    The creation, the process, that is what is important. The selling is just an extra on the side.

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