Inspiration – My Own Brain

I am working on an “eventual” piece. Something that is a similar style of a painting I recently finished (the first one I doubt I would sell, but I might show later on). While I was finishing up, I had some spillage and I started to mix the spill into other paint that was previously there. It gave me an idea to possibly use this new element into something for the future.

I think we all have to feed off ourselves. We generate our own ideas from what we see or think of from our environments. If we only draw in from a limited amount of sources, we might not be able to get out as much energy as we want. I take whatever I get; sometimes I’m the one contributing…

When it gets down to these finite thoughts that you’re releasing on canvas, always rely on your inner artistic instincts. If you don’t, you may become frustrated (don’t forget about help from a fellow artist). We (generally) all like to help each other, but sometimes we need to go solo (not a reference to plastic cups for beer pong).

One painting that comes to my mind is about figuring out how to get from A to B. Even though you may not know how to get there, you eventually figure it out and happiness is on the other side.

Song: Self-Reflection comes to mind when I think about my personal work. Here is a song that helps me think about things. ISIS – Altered Course

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